IN REVIEW: MARVEL’S WHAT IF…? (S1 – EP9) What if… The Watcher Broke his Oath

The watcher gathers heroes all across the multiverse for one final battle against "ultra-vison".

Synopsis: The watcher gathers heroes all across the multiverse for one final battle against “ultra-vison”. He names the team Guardians of the Multiverse.


The Story

With Ultron having pretty much decimated most of the multiverse in last week’s show. This week sees The Watcher go on a recruitment drive to put a team together that can defeat Ultron. To that end, he gets some help from Dr. Strange as they put a team together. The team includes Captain Carter, Gamora, Thor, T’Challa, Killmonger, and Black Widow. Aided by Dr. Strange and his protection spells. The team gives Ultron a good kicking. But defeating him proves to be more difficult than imagined.


Voice Acting

We have some solid performances this week from all the cast. Hayley Atwell is fantastic as Captain Carter who is once again in super soldier form. I particularly liked the banter between Captain Carter and Natasha Romanoff who is once again voiced by Lake Bell. We also get a great performance from the late Chadwick Boseman in what I would think would be his final outing as Black Panther. Cynthia Kaye McWilliams provides her vocal talents for Gamora and does a pretty decent job as well. While Jeffrey Wright continues his brilliant work as The Watcher.



‘What if… The Watcher Broke his Oath’ proves to be an entertaining season finale, but bucks what has been a trend on the series by resolving the story at the end. It also ties together pretty much most of the multiverses we’ve seen on the series as well. As each team member that The Watcher chooses is from one of the multiverses that we have seen. We get some brilliant action sequences that easily match up to the more cinematic adventures. And we also get to see Captain Carter again as the super-soldier but learn of her friendship with Black Widow.

Overall. A really solid finale, which will no doubt have fans talking at the water cooler for days to come.

MARVEL’S WHAT IF…? (S1 – EP9) What if... The Watcher Broke his Oath
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