IN REVIEW: MARVEL’S WHAT IF…? (S1 – EP6) What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?

An American soldier called Killmonger rescues Tony Stark when his Humvee gets attacked in Afghanistan.

Synopsis: An American soldier called Killmonger rescues Tony Stark when his Humvee gets attacked in Afghanistan. Meaning that Stark never gets captured.


The Story

The origin story for Iron Man gets a new twist as Killmonger saves Tony Stark from capture, which means he never becomes Iron Man. Instead Tony brings Killmonger into his business, which proves to be a dangerous proposition. Indeed, the events as we know them. Once again get turned on their head. As we witness Killmonger use Tony Stark and Stark Industries to get his revenge and become the Black Panther.


Voice Acting

Once again we hear one of the final performances from Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa. Only this time it feels a little more final due to the fact that T’Challa gets killed off in this story. But I like to think that his partaking in these animations insure a certain amount of recognition of what might have been for the actor. Has he managed to survive his Cancer and continue on.  Indeed, his final scene in this episode is very fitting. As we see T’Challa ask Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) if all the killing he had done to get to his end game was worth it. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the great scenes that both actors shared in the Black Panther movie.

We also get a solid performance from Mick Wingert as a somewhat different Tony Stark in that he’d never been captured in Afghanistan or suffered any injury.



After last week’s fun with an alternate take on Infinity Wars. We get a fun alternate take on the Iron Man origin, which turns everything we know on its head. I really enjoyed Michael B. Jordan’s performance in this episode and thought the relationship that happens between Stark and Killmonger was fun to watch. At least until it came time for Stark’s storyline to end.

Overall. A fun episode, with some entertaining plot twists.

MARVEL’S WHAT IF…? (S1 – EP6) What If... Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?
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