IN REVIEW: MARVEL’S WHAT IF…? (S1 – EP5) What If… Zombies!?

When The Avengers are infected by a Zombie plague, Surviving heroes search for a cure. 

Synopsis: There be Zombies…! When The Avengers are infected by a Zombie plague, Surviving heroes search for a cure.


The Story

In this episode, we learn what would have happened had Dr. Hank Pymm and Hope Van Dyne’s mission to find Janet Van Dyne had gone differently. In this version of events. Janet Van Dyne is infected by a virus that triggers a Zombie Apocalypse, which infects key members of the Avengers.

The few Avengers who remain are led by Hope who feels personally responsible due to it being her zombified mother that triggered things. She is helped by Bucky Barnes, Spider-Man, and a few other supporting avengers. Their mission is to get to the other side of New York by train to check out a research facility that could potentially lead to a cure. However, getting there is easier said than done and survival is not going to be easy.


Voice Acting

Once again. The team behind this animated show manages to assemble a vast majority of the Avengers cast from the movies. One of the exceptions being Spider-Man who is voiced by Hudson Thames. Evangeline Lilly reprises Hope Van Dyne aka Wasp while Paul Rudd returns to his role as Ant-Man.

We also see Sebastian Stan return as Bucky and Paul Bettany reprises Vision who is a big part of this story’s plot twist.

We also get to hear another wonderful final turn from the late Chadwick Boseman who has one of the episode’s most hopeful lines of dialogue in a scene where he is trying to lift Spider-Man’s flagging spirits.



Much like last week’s episode. We don’t get an ending where everything gets nicely wrapped up with a happily ever after, which makes sense. After all, Zombies are incredibly hard to get rid of when normal rules apply. But the superhero variant is far more aggressive. Also, by not ending the story with a win for the good guys. Allows potential for a sequel. Which would likely be an alternate version of Infinity Wars as that is the point where this episode ends.

Overall. This was a fun concept and while I am not especially a big fan of zombies. I did quite like this particular variant of them.

MARVEL’S WHAT IF…? (S1 – EP5) What If... Zombies!?
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