In Review: Marvel’s: Thor: Metal Gods – Episode 5

This could also have been re-titled 'A Norse God walks into a Bar'

Synopsis: Somewhere in the universe, Loki plays dirty in a game of chance. Thor tracks down the trickster god and a barroom brawl ensues.

Review: This episode continues the story, but is kind of a story in its own right, which could have been called ‘A Norse God walks into a Bar’. In this case, the bar is on a space station and Thor is looking for his brother Loki.

The Story

In the hopes that his brother may have a few answers for him with regards to Nihalator and Miskandar and the fate of the Miskandarian crown that he was given for his services. The crown no being in possession of a human from Midgard, but being saught by Nihalator.

While seeking his brother Thor has a bit of adventure as he meets various characters who patronize the bar. One such character is none other than Howard The Duck who is somewhat helpful to Thor in regards to pointing him in the right direction. The eventual meeting between Thor and his brother is eventful, to say the least as Thor exposes Loki’s cheating ways to the people he is playing a game of chance with. The game being called Artchoo. Needless to say by the close of this chapter all descend into the beginnings of what may shape up to be an epic barroom brawl.


It seems that Daniel Gillies gets better when he is given more voices to do. In this chapter, he has to find the right voice for a few characters, but its the voice that he finds for Howard the Duck, which made me smile. He managed to pitch it just right and give us the smart ass know it all voice that I’d always imagined Howard the Duck to have. It’s too bad that he will likely only be in this episode because he is a character I’d like to see used more in the Marvel Universe, but it has to be right. The narration of the meeting between Thor and Loki was lots of fun as Gillis manages to pull off the right balance for the brotherly banter that Thor and Loki have.


Written by Brian Keene. This has to be my favorite chapter of this story to date. The various characters in the bar and the general mood is set up beautifully with some really nice blues music playing in the background. The brief scene we get with Howard the Duck and Thor is loaded with fun as was the discussion Thor has with the bartender with regards to opening a tab. I look forward to listening to next week’s episode where we will no doubt find out what happens in the brawl, which was about to break out by the close of this one.

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Marvel's: Thor: Metal Gods - Episode 5
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