In Review: Marvels: Thor: Metal Gods – Episode 4

Thor tells the tale of a lost planet and the gift of a cursed crown. Zia sets a course for a dive bar where Thor might find his brother.

Synopsis: Thor tells the tale of a lost planet and the gift of a cursed crown. Zia sets a course for a dive bar where Thor might find his brother.

Review: The story continues and begins to expand as a few more characters are introduced.

The Story

Having barely escaped the music concert. Thor, Horangi and the K-Pop band find themselves guests of Zia and their crew. As the story develops we see Thor and his friends gradually getting to know Zia and they decide to pool their information as they prepare for a mission, which may involve some help from a certain trickster. While traveling to their destination Thor recounts a story, which saw him travel to Miskandar at the request of the planets royal family. It is a story, which upsets one of Zia’s crew due to them being one of the sole survivors of the destruction of the planet.


Daniel Gillies has a bit more to do in this episode as we see a few more characters added to the mix. His voice for the Frost Giant characters was fun and I enjoyed how he was able to intonate the banter between Thor and the two Frost Giants when they were teasing him about a certain aspect of his story. His voice for Thor continues to be consistent and fairly close to the version of the character we have been watching in the movies.


The story is developing well and the character beats are well written. I found the character of Skarra and her reaction to Thor’s story somewhat intriguing and hope we get to revisit that in future installments. I also liked the awkward moment where Zia mentions that she knows a Trickster that may be of use to them. Of course, it would be Loki. But hearing Thor ask her for confirmation of that fact was a fun moment. Especially given how complex Thor’s relationship has been with his adopted brother.

As for as narration goes. Daniel Gillies had a fair bit to do in this episode and didn’t really have to much help with any background stuff aside from the subtle thrum of the ship’s engines, which we hear in the background.

Overall. A really strong character-driven episode. I look forward to seeing how things play out next week.

Marvels: Thor: Metal Gods - Episode 4
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