In Review: MARVEL’S THOR: METAL GODS – Episode 3

Thor and Horangi fight off Nihilator’s rabid fans, rescue a K-pop band, and get picked up by space pirates.

Synopsis: Thor and Horangi fight off Nihilator’s rabid fans, rescue a K-pop band, and get picked up by space pirates.

Review: The action picks up from where we left off with Thor and Horangi fending off Nihilator’s people while trying to rescue the K-pop band. But who is behind this devilry?

The Story

Having made it to the concert venue in last weeks chapter. It isn’t long before Thor and Horangi find themselves set upon by Nihilator’s hypnotized followers. As you’d expect Thor is game when it comes to the grand old Asgardian sport of brawling, but he was trying not to do critical harm to the attackers due to the fact that he realized that they were under the spell of Nihilator’s crown, which still had some Asgardian bling in it, which is something that both Thor and Horangi were keen to get answers too.

In the white heat of the brawl, Thor spots some Frost Giants descending from a massive space galleon. This got Thor thinking that perhaps his trickster brother Loki might be involved somehow, but what would the Frost Giants want with a K Pop band?

The Narration

Daniel Gillies does well with this chapter to convey all the action beats taking full advantage of the descriptions of the action in the book. I loved the description of the Frost Giants flanking the pirates as they descended the galleon like spiders. I really like the sense of danger and urgency that Gillies brings to his voice when he is describing the action.

The actors vocal for the character of Thor continues to be solid and believable.


This third chapter ends with somewhat of a mystery as to who is behind Nihilator and what it is they want, but more importantly. Who is the pirate leader who can command such loyalty from the nefarious Frost Giants? This week’s episode closes with Thor and Horangi trying to find all of that out as they have some tea.

Overall. Another enjoyable chapter with a massive setpiece of a battle to keep fans of the action entertained.


  • Artwork
  • Story
  • Narration
  • Audio Production

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