In Review: Marvel’s Agents Of Shield – The Laws Of Inferno Dynamics

Shield and Ghost Rider find themselves unlikely allies when the lives of Los Angeles hang in the balance.

Synopsis: Shield and Ghost Rider find themselves unlikely allies when the lives of Los Angeles hang in the balance.

Review: This thrilling episode pretty much brings the whole team back together as they go up against Eli who has been totally corrupted by the Dark Matter. But Ghost Rider has his own score to settle with Eli and steams in ahead of Coulson and the others to give them the time they need to concoct and execute their plans.

Daisy aka Quake pretty much rejoins the team after having pretty much lived on the run for best part of the season, but she soon falls into her role within the team and makes great use of her inhuman powers.

Mace who has been manipulating events throughout the season is finally forced to play his hand and pretty much leads the team on their mission against Eli to show the public and the worlds media that not all Inhuman’s are a threat.

The confrontation between Coulson and Eli in this episode is really good. I especially enjoyed the back and forth between the two actors and Coulson’s speech about the dangers of anti matter. Warning’s which were basically buying time for Yo Yo and the rest of the Shield team to do their thing.

But the win they have here is a costly one as Robbie evaporates into nowhere with Eli who melts Wizard Of Oz on Speed style.

The celebrations will likely be cut short by the time the next few episodes come round because Radcliffe’s super life like android has broke bad thanks to her exposure to the dark book. And it already looks like she has substituted Agent May with an impostor.

I really enjoyed this episode and am enjoying just how manipulative Mace is within the scheme of things. I also love the fact that Fitz doesn’t trust him.

Marvel's Agents Of Shield - The Laws Of Inferno Dynamics
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