In Review: Marvel’s Agents Of Shield – Broken Promises

Though Coulson and May are growing closer, Coulson remains unaware of the dark secret May is hiding beneath her surface.

Synopsis: Though Coulson and May are growing closer, Coulson remains unaware of the dark secret May is hiding beneath her surface. Meanwhile, Aida is unrelenting in her search for the Darkhold.

Review: With Ghost Rider now out of the picture. This first episode of the second half of the season ties up some loose ends and plants the seeds for a new story arc.

Coulson and May are working closer together than ever before, but Coulson is unaware that May is pretty much being controlled by Aida who has been totally seduced by the Darkhold and will do anything to get hold of it.

While Coulson, May, Mac, Yo Yo and Fitz try to track Aida and prevent her from getting the book. We get to enjoy a few references to 80’s movies about Robots taking over the world. Mac references Lawnmower Man a few times and we get the question to end all questions from Yo Yo who asks, “Why are smart people so dumb”.

While all of this is happening Quake, Jemma and Mace are on a mission of their own. Which is to rescue Senator Ellen Nadeer, but it would seem that she is not really in need of rescuing.

This is all a promising start to a new story arc.

It was interesting and a little fun to see Mace working with Daisy for the first time. Especially given that they have spent most part of the season on opposite sides of the fence.

The relationship stuff between Agent May and Coulson feels long overdue given that it has been pretty much stewing for the past four years. I just hope that it doesn’t get in the way of the story to much and that they can work as agents first and keep the relationship in second place. If only so we are spared the inevitable soap opera that often ensues these relationship dynamics.

Marvel's Agents Of Shield - Broken Promises
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