In Review: MacGyver – Wrench

Using only a wrench, rope and duct tape, Macgyver must defuse a bomb set near the United Nations

Synopsis: Using only a wrench, rope and duct tape, Macgyver must defuse a bomb set near the United Nations by his old nemesis, ‘The Ghost’, a notorious criminal whose work killed his mentor, and track him down before he strikes again.

Review: This is perhaps the best episode of this reboot thus far.

For a moment we were teased with the possibility of MacGyver working on his own alongside an old friend from the FBI’s bomb disposal team, but that was short lived as inevitably the writers bottled it and brought Jack, Riley and Thornton into play.

Despite this one disappointment. The episode did bring us the most compelling villain yet. Mostly because he was a silent nemesis that very much lived up to ‘The Ghost’ nickname.  This villain could well be this reboots version of Murdock. Only without the theatrics that we would have gotten from Michael Des Barres. He certainly had the same kind of motives in that he’d blow people up for the highest bidder.

The story was also a personal one for MacGyver in that he already had a beef with this Ghost because he’d killed his mentor from his days in Iraq working as a Bomb Disposal officer there.

Although I was a little disappointed by the fact that Riley and Jack had to come into this episode. They were used effectively and were not wastes. Riley for example used her hacking skills to help track the Ghost whereas Jack was very much providing the moral support that Mac would not necessarily have gotten if he was working alone.

This become very tense when Jack gives chase to The Ghost and winds up standing on an explosive pressure pad within the van that The Ghost had rigged to blow up the UN.

MacGyver figures out that this pressure pad is links to two bombs. And proceeds to use a wrench, duct tape and some rope via a pulley system he rigs via wheel that he has pinched off of a fast food cart.

Inevitably The Ghost gets away, which is a good thing too because I think had they captured this guy. The writers would have disposed of what maybe a pretty good recurring villain should this reboot get picked up for a second season.

In terms of incidental music. I think it would have been best to have not used it so much on the more tense aspects of the story. Such as when Jack treads on the pressure pad.


MacGyver - Wrench
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