IN REVIEW: MACGYVER: SEASON 4 – Tesla + Bell + Edison + Mac

While in a dream-state Mac has encounters with Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison…and his mother.

Synopsis: While in a dream-state Mac has encounters with Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison…and his mother.

The Story

When Russ decodes the secret code, which Oversight left for Mac. It points them in the direction of an old house, which they learn was a dwelling for Nikola Tesla and also the location where he was working on a secret weapon called SHEBA. As Mac and the team get close to discovering the location of SHEBA they are intercepted by CODEX Agents who want the weapon for their plans. As SHEBA attacks the team is overwhelmed and Mac is knocked unconscious and forgets the key bit of information from the map he was looking at before the attack. While Russ, Desi, and Riley go in search of SHEBA following up on a lead. Maddie arranges for Dr. Cheryl Werner from Dharpa to come in and use an experimental psychotropic drug on Mac to help him remember. While under the drug’s influence Mac finds himself at the home of Tesla where he meets Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison… and his mother. With time running out Mac must navigate his inner thoughts and battle a few of his personal demons to get to Tesla and get help with solving the puzzle.


The Acting

Lucas Till puts in a solid showing this week as he plays a MacGyver who is less sure of himself and wracked with guilt over the death of the nuclear power plant worker that he had to sacrifice in last week’s show in order to save lives. The scenes where Mac is in a dream-state are pretty trippy, but also quite revealing with regards to Mac’s character and the warring dual between his logical side and the more emotional side. The scenes of him with his mother are particularly good.

Also, hats off to Marsha Thomason who played the Dharpa scientist Dr. Cheryl Werner who is pretty cold and logical and kind of unsympathetic with the added bite of a genuine Mancunian Accent. So glad the producers allowed Marsha to use her native accent, but then again being from South Manchester I am kind of biased.



This was a fairly trippy episode, but also a lot of fun. We find out that CODEX has been something that has been going on for much longer than we have been led to believe. And it was also fun to learn that Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison were all agents for the DSX back in their day. Overall a solid effort.

MACGYVER: SEASON 4 – Tesla + Bell + Edison + Mac
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