In Review: MacGyver (S5 – Ep11) C8H7ClO + Nano-Trackers + Resistance + Maldives + Mind Games

Mac and Riley head over to the Maldives to prevent a governmental collapse.

Synopsis: Mac and Riley head over to the Maldives to prevent a governmental collapse. While on the mission they inadvertently inhale a new deadly microscopic technology.


The Story

When a resistance group from an island in the Maldives contact The Phoenix Foundation. MacGyver and Riley are dispatched to help. Upon arrival, they learn that the oppressive police state who the resistance is fighting has found a way to track and identify them. Furthermore, when Mac reports what they have found out. Russ Taylor immediately recognizes the tracking technology and has a Dr. Silas Mercer brought in for interrogation. Back in the Maldives Mac has figured out how the oppressive Police state is delivering the tracking device. Further to that, he has also figured out how it works. The only problem is how do you disable it?

Back at the Phoenix Foundation. Russ Taylor is struggling to do several jobs at once. Thankfully he has additional help from Parker. A new analyst assigned to help him. He also has Bozar running operations.


The Acting

Jeremy Crutchley is fantastic value as the psychotic Dr. Mercer. The interrogation scenes between him and Taylor (Henry Ian Cusick) are full of tension as the two men play a series of mind games. Alexandra Grey is great as the new analyst Parker who gets a chance to prove her worth. I hope to see her character again in future episodes, but given a little more to do.

Tina Ivlev does a lot with a little as resistance leader Teodora Dmitrovic. Indeed a lot of what her character could have contributed was taken up with MacGyver and Riley working through their issues. Had this been an episode of the original series. Tina Ivlev would have likely been a bigger role. In short, this episode showed up the disadvantage of having a team-based show. It can sometimes undermine the guest characters from making much of an impact.



Not a bad episode. I really enjoyed the use of a tracking device that is so microscopic that it can be dispersed using tear gas or fluids. The sense of paranoia that embodies is quite frightening. Additionally, the scenes back at Pheonix Foundation where Russ and Bozar are racing against the clock to find a way to deactivate Mac and Riley’s trackers were well acted.

The episode’s weakness came out in the form of Mac and Riley needing to discuss their relationship issues. I really feel that we could have done without those scenes because it undermined any kind of character development for the Teodora Dmitrovic character.

At times. I really think this show needs to treat the interpersonal relationships between the main characters like a trip to Vegas. As in what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas sort of thing. I’m not against the characters having relationships with each other. But I am against it when it undermines story and character development for what is supposed to be a focal guest character.


MacGyver (S5 - Ep11) C8H7ClO + Nano-Trackers + Resistance + Maldives + Mind Games
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