In Review: MacGyver (S5 – E6) Quarantine + N95 + Landline + Telescope + Social Distance

During COVID-19’s first stay-at-home order, as Mac, Bozer, and Riley quarantine together, they try to stop a crime in progress at their neighbor’s house.

Synopsis: During COVID-19’s first stay-at-home order, as Mac, Bozer, and Riley quarantine together, they try to stop a crime in progress at their neighbor’s house. Russ’s romantic fling takes on a longer and more complicated turn when they quarantine together.


The Story

At long last. We have an episode that deals with the first lockdown due to the virus. Mac, Bozer, and Riley are in quarantine together and all are going a little stir crazy. When Bozer hears their Naeghbours fighting. He proceeds to use his telescope to try and get to the bottom of things. As the three continue to investigate. They learn that there Naehbours. The Krengels are being held hostage and being used as leverage.

Elsewhere, Russ is sharing his house with his on and off again girlfriend Sophia. The two seem to be enjoying their time together until Sophia finds a hidden room in Russ’s big house. As a result of this discovery, Russ tells Sophia to leave. Later on, after having spoken to Maddie. Russ asks Sophia to come back. But can he trust her?


The Acting

Justin Hires gets a little to do in this episode as Bozer gets to be in on the action after having been pretty much in the background. We also see Bozer and MacGyver’s friendship get some coverage. An aspect of the show that has been on the backburner for a while. Which is sad given that the two were supposed to be childhood friends. The quarantine gives Mac and Bozar a chance to address and repair their friendship. This makes for some good scenes between Hires and Lucas Till.

Additionally, we also get an interesting insight into Russ and his relationships as Henry Ian Cusick gets to reveal a few extra layers to his character. The relationship displayed between Russ and Sophia is quite fun initially. As we kind of get to see two middle-aged people acting very much like teenagers as they play together. This also makes it interesting as Sophia tries to disarm Russ in so far as getting beneath his surface layers. Camilla Arfwedson is absolutely convincing as Sophia and the scene where she discovers Russ’s secret room is brilliantly done. As is the moment where she pretty much betrays Russ’s trust later on.

Dan Lauria and Marie Thomas are absolutely brilliant as the Krengels who are being held hostage as leverage to force their son into helping with a robbery. The conversation between MacGyver and the Krengels about how messed up the world is. Was a really nice touch and the part about making the best of things is very, very true. And the advice that we should all be following.



This was a fairly good episode, which focused more on character development and the relationships in MacGyvers life. The action plot was really very much a secondary aspect but did allow for some nice moments.

In particular, I liked the dialogue that MacGyver shared with the Krengels and the fact that he was able to benefit from their wisdom, which in turn allowed him to work on his relationships more. Especially when it comes to the friendships that he has been neglecting. Mac said it himself when he apologizes to Bozer. He has been dwelling too much on what he has lost instead of looking at the friendships that are still in his life. The episode also gave the original trio of Mac, Bozar, and Riley some time to shine. This was nice to see given that the focus in recent weeks seems to have mostly been on Mac and Desi repairing their relationship.

Overall. A fun episode with some nice character moments and an interesting insight into one of the newer characters.


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MacGyver (S5 - E6) Quarantine + N95 + Landline + Telescope + Social Distance
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