In Review: MacGyver (S5 – 10) Diamond + Quake + Carbon + Comms + Tower

While on a mission to hunt down a Codex lead, Mac and the team discover Murdoc hacked their comms and has recorded them for months.

Synopsis: In this week’s MacGyver. While on a mission to hunt down a Codex lead, Mac and the team discover Murdoc hacked their comms and has recorded them for months.


The Story

When Macgyver, Riley and Desi are sent to Mexico to hunt down a lead on Codex. They quickly learn that Murdoc has hacked their communications. Now with Murdoc revealing their closely guarded secrets. Macgyver and his team must work together despite Murdoc’s best efforts to divide them. Adding more flames to the fire is the fact that former General Eric Andrews has formed an alliance with Murdoc and all of this is part of a bigger plan.


The Acting

This episode sees a return for both David Dastmalchian and Joe Pantoliano as Murdoc and Andrews. Dastmalchian continues to bring his own take on Murdoc who was the iconic recurring villain from the original series. By contrast, Pantoliano’s role of Andrews is far colder and more calculating. Whereas Murdoc is just the out and out psychopath that we have all come to know and love.

We get solid performances from Justin Hires and Henry Ian Cusick who both have a particularly difficult scene in which a secret that Taylor has been keeping has to be let out. Also, we should give a nod to Lucas Till who has a few great exchanges with Murdoc.



A fairly decent episode, which uses both Murdoc and Andrews to good effect. But I can’t help but feel that the writers are trying too hard to wrap up the Codex storyline from last year when they need not be doing so. Most of this season has been teasing the return of Codex, which was given short shrift in last year’s shortened season. But by the close of this episode, we hear that all the cell chiefs are being rounded up. Hopefully, this does not mean the end of Codex because, to be honest, they have been the most interesting aspect of this series since the reboot began.


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MacGyver (S5 - 10) Diamond + Quake + Carbon + Comms + Tower
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