In Review: MacGyver – Hole Puncher

The team intercepts a message for Murdoc from a terror group, so Mac poses as Murdoc to protect their intended target.

Synopsis: The team intercepts a message for Murdoc from a terror group, so Mac poses as Murdoc to protect their intended target.

Review: We see the return of Murdoc in this episode as MacGyver seeks to learn how to become him for a mission.

Which essentially means for Mac is on his own. At least for the most part.

Lucas Till puts in a solid performance as he switches between MacGyver’s normal persona and that of a the cold and calculating Murdoc.

While Mac is acting as Murdoc. Jack is sidelined while Bozer and Riley seek to do a good deed to give a family closer and a sense of justice by bringing their daughters killer to justice.

This episode pretty much demonstrated what have been saying for most of the series. We don’t need to see Jack along on every mission that MacGyver is sent on. In fact the whole show would be better and truer to its original source material if Mac was allowed his rightful status as a solo operative and not heading up a team.

Mattie continues to impress and her scene with Murdoc at the beginning was really good to watch. While Mattie is small in stature. You’d certainly not want to mess with her given how well she dealt with Murdoc.

We also learn a little more about the company, which both hired Murdoc and had Thornton on their books and it seems that they are gunning for MacGyver and the team.

It will be interesting to see how all this pans out. Especially given that we only have two more episodes to go before the season finale.

This was somewhat of an improvement over what we have seen in the last few weeks. Putting Jack to the sidelines was a good idea and really worked out for this episode, which means the writers need to do it more.

MacGyver - Hole Puncher
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