In Review: MacGyver – Cigar Cutter

Murdoc's revenge plot takes shape.

Synopsis: Murdoc moves forward with his plans for revenge against MacGyver by recruiting his recently released former cellmate to infiltrate the Phoenix Complex as a ‘lab technician’ and kill every agents inside.

Review: The first season of the MacGyver reboot comes to an explosive end as the Phoenix Foundation is threatened by a technician called Zito who is played brilliantly by  Mark Sheppard who was obviously on a break from ‘Supernatural’.

Basically Murdoc has supposedly trained the fake Zito to be the perfect weapon with which to see off MacGyver and all of the team. But things do not go to plan.

David Dastmalchian continues to be fairly chilling in the role of Murdoc, but still fails to pull off the showmanship that his predecessor Michael Des Barres had. 

Jake Dalton continues to be a source of annoyance. While Bozer has kind of grown on me like a weird freaky fungus.

The action in this is thick and fast. There’s little time to breath as the episode goes by at a cracking pace.

Lucas Till continues to be a fairly confident MacGyver, which is a pretty good achievement given the shoes that he had to fill. I doubt anyone will ever truly forget how memorable Richard Dean Anderson was who originated the role, but Till does enough to make a good fist of it and manages to make it his own.

Mattie gets her moment to shine as she takes down Zito with a bullet to the leg.  A scary move given that he had a gun on one of her staff members at the time.

Overall as season finales go. This was pretty good and by the numbers, but its lucky the show has been picked up for a second season given how the episode ends.

I do hope that when they return for a new series that the writers and producers take note and maybe give their lead actor a few episodes to actually be MacGyver without the back up of the team. After all. The show is called MacGyver not team MacGyver, which is what this reboot has essentially become.

MacGyver - Cigar Cutter
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  • Jack Dalton continues to annoy. Please downgrade him to occasional guest star.
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