In Review: Luke Cage (2017-) #5

Luke Cage is under attack from all sides! His adversaries are rich, powerful and unbreakable. BRING 'EM ON.

Synopsis: Luke Cage is under attack from all sides! His adversaries are rich, powerful and unbreakable. BRING ‘EM ON.

Review: David F. Walker concludes his first story arc on Luke Cage and it concludes with a few threads left open that we can return to later.

This issue sees Luke forming a bond with Kevlar a young teen who has been given super strength and is immune to the experimental blades, which did so eloquent a job of slicing Luke up in earlier issues.

When Kevlar comes down off of his adrenalin high he feels nothing but remorse for the death that he has course and it is up to Luke to talk him round and recruit his help in getting answers.

To this end the pair head over to Ceryl Morgan’s home to find out what is happening.

Meanwhile, Burstein has been sold out by Lenora who has taken him to Morgan in order to prevent things from getting further out of hand. She much like Morgan feels that Burstein experiments have caused no end of harm and feel that they need to keep him contained.

As Luke and Kevlar arrive on the scene they are confronted by Morgan’s security team. All armed with the experimental swords, which can hurt Luke, but seemingly have no effect on Kevlar. The two successfully battle their way through, but Cyril Morgan’s son is killed by accident in the tussle.

Too grief-stricken to be able to deal with Cage. Morgan proves easy for the police to apprehend.

The final moments of this story arc see Burstein go on the run, but before running there is a final scene between Burnstein and Luke in which Luke tells Burstein to own what he has done and turn himself in. Needless to say, the two do not part on the best of terms.

The comic wraps with some monologue from Luke Cage in which he points out that certain things never end well.

Hopefully, we’ll see Burnstein and Kevlar return in future issues. I enjoyed the few brief moments in which Luke was pretty much mentoring the teen.

The artwork in this issue was as consistent as ever. Great issue.

Luke Cage #5
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