In Review: Luke Cage (2017-) #4

The secret of Dr. Burstein's death, revealed! Strange forces are aligning against Luke Cage and time is running out!

Synopsis: Luke Cage protects the innocent, but innocence appears to be in short supply. The secret of Dr. Burstein’s death, revealed! Strange forces are aligning against Luke Cage and time is running out!

Review: In light of the revelation that Dr. Bernstein is alive. Luke Cage begins to question what he really knows about the scientist that gave him his powers. This leads to an excellent exchange where Cage and Bernstein really get to the heart of nature verses nurture and the whole scientific thing on whether Bernstein is in the right for using people for his experiments. After all Luke is the only one of his experiments that has not gone full on mad or homocidal.

In fact Luke sees his younger self in one of Bernstain’s other experiments, but later figures out that he was never as angry with the world as the new kid is.

While Luke is questioning his own place in the world and Bernstein’s role in providing him his powers. Other forces are at play with plans to murder Cage, Bernstein and everyone that has benefitted from the scientists experiments. A plan is in place, but looks certain to fail.

Yet another great issue of this series by David F. Walker. I absolutely loved Bernstein’s speech where he tries to justify his actions and also tries to claim credit for making Luke Cage who he is.

I also liked the way in which Cage counter argued that it was his own choices that made him who he was.

I also enjoyed the brief flashback at the start of the book, which kind of fills us in on what Bernstein was up to prior to Cage coming to town.

The artwork by Nelson Blake II was pretty solid in this issue, but there wasn’t really anyone panel that stood out for me.

I guess that they are probably saving the big artistic set pieces for the final few issues.


Luke Cage (2017-) #4
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