In Review: Luke Cage (2017-) #2

 A BROKEN CAGE! There's a war brewing in New Orleans…and Luke is right in the middle of it!

Synopsis: A BROKEN CAGE! There’s a war brewing in New Orleans…and Luke is right in the middle of it! Luke recovers from a brutal attack with the help of a VERY unsuspected ally! Luke Cage will put body and soul on the line to learn the truth about Dr. Burstein. He might live to regret that. MIGHT.

Review: Luke’s visit to New Orleans takes on a few more twists as he is rescued by Warhawk and nursed back to health.

Meanwhile the Doctor who brought Luke to the city has been kidnapped by a crime lord who wants her to reproduce a serum that Burstein created to stop the crooks son from hulking out.

Luke comes to and is faced with the revelation that he is being teamed up with a mad man. But worse still is the fact that Burstein’s experiments resulted in several other people that have powers, but also wrestle with madness.

David F. Walker’s story telling brings forth a whole series of fun possibilities, but one thing is for sure. Burstein did not commit suicide, but the real question is whether or not the scientist is still alive.

There is a nice flashback scene in the story in which Luke thinks back to a time when he first got his powers and was hired muscle. In the flashback Burstein tells Luke that he is abusing his powers by hiring himself out.

The art work by Nelson Blake II gives a lot of detail and compliments the writing.

I particularly enjoyed the drawing of the various facial expressions of Warhawk and Luke’s reactions to him, but where the art work really picks up is toward the end of the issue when we see the body of a crime lord thrown from a window. The drawing was so well done that even I could feel the impact of the body hitting the car as it touched down.

Overall this was an exciting second issue, which gave us a bit more of a mystery to ponder and introduced some interesting new characters to proceedings.

Luke Cage (2017-) #2
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