In Review: Luke Cage (2017-) #167

Luke Cage finds himself behind bars, but why?

Synopsis: Luke Cage is back in the one place he never wanted to be. With his mind mangled, Luke grasps for any foothold he can find. Which is hard, as…this is no ordinary prison…

Review: Picking up from where the last issue left off. Luke awakens to find himself in a prison, which ain’t your ordinary jail.

Meanwhile, his jailer who we know as The Ringmaster. It seems that one of the prisoners has regained their sense of self and needs some special attention from Ringmaster. Meanwhile, Luke is beginning to gain some control and meets another prisoner who has some idea of what has been happening.

David F. Walker does some brilliant work here. His writing for The Ringmaster is so clearly defined that I could truly imagine the malice in the character’s voice. Especially when he becomes aware that his grip over Luke Cage is slipping.

We get a quite voilent prison scene, which is well drawn by Guillermo Sanna who is careful not to take things too far. The moments where Ringmaster has regained control over Luke by making him feel pain are well drawn. You can see the pain and anguish on Luke’s face as he takes a beating.

Overall. A great issue with a fair bit of setting up done for the third issue in the arc. I enjoyed the way in which Ringmaster was hypnotizing everyone and you can’t help but feel that this villain has perhaps bitten off a little more than he can chew. That said. It is always interesting from a storytelling point of view to have brains versus brawn type of story. But I think the Ringmaster has not counted on the fact that Luke isn’t the slouch in the brains department that he believes him to be.

The next issue takes us to the mines, which are the very heart of this arcs mystery. Why is it that no one has returned or lived to tell the tale?

Luke Cage (2017-) #167
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