In Review: Luke Cage (2017-) #166

Luke finds himself on the wrong side of the law. It's a nightmare on the surface, and there's more darkness underneath: a power that could threaten the entire world.

Synopsis: Luke is about to be tested as never before in the crucible that made him. In a nowhere town, Luke finds himself on the wrong side of the law. It’s a nightmare on the surface, and there’s more darkness underneath: a power that could threaten the entire world.

Review: Marvel takes Luke Cage back to the old numbering. So we’re now on issue 166. The new arc, which is called Caged sees Luke doing a bit of traveling in order to wind down after the events in Mississippi. The only problem is circumstance and a certain prison town have other ideas.

Like with previous issues writer David F. Walker maked great use of Luke Cage’s tendency to monologue. Much fun is had with Cage confiding to the readers that he should have listened to Jessica and Danny and the little voice in his head and not took the road trip.

Events get a bit off when Luke is pulled over in a hick town by a police officer for speeding. The officer lets him off with a warning but then speaks to someone over the police radio.

As events unravel. Luke finds himself waking up in and faced with his tormenter. The Ringmaster. Next thing Luke knows he’s in prison having his butt kicked all over his cell by several guards.

The idea of Cage going back to Prison is a pretty fun concept, but its no fun for Luke when he has been hypnotized into believing that he has no power. Which is what makes this story all the more intriguing.

Guillermo Sanna’s artwork in this issue felt very hit and miss for me. I honestly preferred the work that was done in the previous issues. There are certain panels in this issue where it looks like Luke has slimmed down. And the faces on some of the characters seem to not have the greatest definition to them. Not sure if it is the print or what. But the art seemed a little off to me.

In regards to the story. This is a great issue, which promises to be interesting as we learn more of what The Ringmaster has in store for Luke.

Luke Cage #166
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