In Review: Lucky Man – Episode 8

Harry is forced to break the rules when a devastating murder impacts him personally.

Synopsis: Harry is forced to break the rules when a devastating murder impacts him personally.

Review: The conspiracy surrounding the bracelet and the individual who wants it manipulates events and sets Harry’s brother up for murder.

The investigation is handed to Suri and Orwell, which forces Harry to break rank and launch his own investigation, which takes him to the corridors of power.

Once more the series centres more on the procedural and avoids any mythology to do with the bracelet and seems to have killed off one of the leads that we had with that in the form of Harry’s brothers girlfriend.

As ever Nesbitt carries the episode and manages to escape certain death on a number of occasions in the story.

Although a little better than last week. This episode was still bogged down with procedural detective work, which served as a means to give Orwell something to do, but achieved little else.

The series is beginning to drag now, which is a great shame given that it had such a promising start.

Lucky Man - Episode 8
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