In Review: Lucky Man – Episode 10

Golding's game enters its terrifying final phase. Can Harry save his family and himself?

Synopsis: Golding’s game enters its terrifying final phase. Can Harry save his family and himself?

Review: Disappointingly the above question built into the synopsis above is purely rhetorical.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not disappointed that Harry did not die, but I am a bit miffed that his wife and kid survived given the danger that was involved.

The episode kicks off with Harry breaking out of prison and going after Golding who happens to be the same man that runs the prison and has been dating Harry’s wife.

Given the procedural nature of the episodes and the mythology surrounding the bracelet you’d not be mistaken to think that the bracelet would protect harry at any cost. Meaning even the cost of his family, but apparently that is not really the case.

In this finale his daughter drowns and the bracelet along with Harry’s will is able to save her. This was in spite of her being under the water for absolutely ages while Harry was struggling and pleading with Golding for her life and near as damn drowns himself while trying to get her.

Basically by the close of the series pretty much everything is put back in its box. Golding is brought to Justice. The fate of Harry’s superior officer is left open, but Harry and his family are safe. It was all just to neat and tidy.

Now the good news for fans that actually liked this series is. There will be a second season. Even better news for you all is given how neat and tidy this series ended. I doubt I will be reviewing the second series. I just can’t put myself through it.

James Nesbitt was brilliant throughout and his on-screen detective partner DS Suri Chohan (Amara Karan) and Eve (Sienna Guillory) are all good value and played their parts well as well as other cast members. But the story-line and the over dependency on procedural investigation really made this show a bit of a grind to watch. 

Lucky Man - Episode 10
  • The acting
  • The story was to neat.
  • Story
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  • Incidental Music

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