In Review: Lucifer – St Lucifer

Lucifer tries his hand at becoming a force for good.

Synopsis: When philanthropist Tim Dunlear (guest star MICHASHA ARMSTRONG) is found dead, Lucifer explores his good side by becoming a benefactor for Tim’s glitzy Los Angeles charity.

Review: In this fun episode Lucifer begins to get a buzz from doing good deeds. In fact this starts when he turns down Chloe’s advances and instead decides to do the gentleman thing by not taking advantage.

When a former American Footballer and philanthropist is found murdered Lucifer takes the opportunity to rescue a charity benefit that the deceased was supposed to be hosting.

Meanwhile Dan has been kidnapped and held hostage by Malcolm who is out to kill Lucifer under orders from Amenadiel. Malcolm’s attempted murder on Lucifer is thwarted when Lucifer offers him a better deal. However when the murder suspect shoots Lucifer in the episode it opens up an interesting plot development concerning Lucifer’s mortality. It turns out that whenever he is around Chloe he is vulnerable to bullets and other earthly weapons that can kill or maim.

In terms of subject matter this episode plays on the more comedic and smarmy side of ‘Lucifer’ and does not have the hint of darkness that we saw in the two episodes concerning his wings.

With just a couple of episodes left. I’d like to see a bit more of the edgier Lucifer which was hinted at midway through the series. Things really have to come to a head between Lucifer and Amenadiel before the season concludes.

Some great performances as always and Tom Ellis is in full camp mode throughout, but as always it is the character moments amid the comedy and procedural elements that prove to be of more interest to this viewer.

Lucifer - St Lucifer
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