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This week on Lovecraft Country. Hippolyta's daughter Dee takes center stage
Lovecraft Country

Synopsis: In this week’s Lovecraft Country Hippolyta’s daughter Dee takes center stage this week when her comic book creation gets the attention of Captain Lancaster.


The Story

Hippolyta is still missing, but Atticus has returned to the southside of Chicago to find his community mourning the murder of a teenage boy.  Furthermore, we learn that Tic has returned from a trip to the future, which has spurred him into asking for Christina’s help. Atticus wants to learn how to use magic to protect himself and his kin.

Meanwhile, Dee is in grave danger. Having found her comic book Captain Lancaster has taken an interest and curses her. It’s a curse he says he will lift in exchange for the orrery, but Dee is not willing to hand it over.

Elsewhere, Christina continues to weave her mysterious web in her quest for immortality.


The Acting

Jada Harris gets put through the wringer this week as Dee is running for her life. The young actor puts on a brilliant performance channeling a believable amount of fear as she is tormented by Captain Lancaster’s curse. Additionally, Mac Brandt manages to convey a mixture of real hatred and fear as the Police Captain continues to play his horrible games.

Jonathan Majors continues to shine and gets some great scenes with Michael Kenneth Williams as Tic and Montrose look to cast a spell of protection on their family.



The writers on this show continue to do brilliant work as they continue to provide intrigue and danger for the Freeman family. Added to this are Abby and her unfolding plans. It would seem the connection between her and the Freeman family is rather more than a convenience. But you still have to wonder who is playing who? As it appears that Atticus is becoming just as manipulative.

Overall. A solid episode, which packed a lot of story in. I look forward to finding out where this leads in next week’s show.

Lovecraft Country (S1 - Ep8) - Jig-A-Bobo
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