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Hippolyta takes center stage in this episode of Lovecraft when she uncovers hidden magic
Lovecraft Country

Synopsis: Hippolyta takes center stage in this episode of Lovecraft when she uncovers hidden magic.


The Story

This week’s Lovecraft Country continues the theme of concentrating on the supporting characters, and this week it’s Hippolyta’s turn. Furthermore, the episode’s title is a central part of this week’s story.

Picking things up from where her journey left off. Hippolyta has found out about Atticus’s trip to the Braithwhite house and discovers the key to operating and opening the orrery, which sends her off on an incredible journey of self-discovery.


The Acting

Aunjanue Ellis is absolutely amazing in this episode and furthermore, she nails the story beats perfectly as Hippolyta gets the ultimate in fantasy fulfillment with a little help from some Aliens that she happens to meet. The sequence where she gets to join Josephine Baker in her famous Paris show is definitely a highlight.

Additionally, Carra Patterson gets some good scenes as the legendary Josephine Baker and is integral to Hippolyta’s breakthrough.

Clearly, Hippolyta is a far more powerful woman than she believes herself to be and this is the episode where she finds her power. She is without a doubt likely to become a more important player in the series as it moves forward. The only question being is how it will all play out.



Thus far, this has to be the most science-fiction style episode of Lovecraft Country we have seen to date. It is going to be interesting to see how the various supporting characters will play into the bigger story.

I loved the way in which the orrery was used as the key to this particular story. It indeed provided a wonderful plot twist and a fantastical journey for Hippolyta.

I also loved how Atticus has a book titled Lovecraft Country on his person when he runs out of the giant observatory where he has just seen Hippolyta transported to another world.

Overall. Probably one of the best episodes to date.

Lovecraft Country (S1 - Ep7) - I am
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