In Review: Lovecraft Country (S1 – Ep 10) Full Circle

Things begin to come full circle as Tic, Lettie, and Montrose return to 1955 with the book of names
Full Circle

Synopsis: Things begin to come full circle as Tic, Lettie, and Montrose return to 1955 with the book of names, but will they be able to help Dee and stop Christina Braithwhite’s Spell?


The Story

Tic, Lettie, and Montrose return to home with Hippolyta to save Diana. As they arrive home in Chicago Tic and Lettie pass out and find themselves with their ancestors. While with Hannah and their other ancestors Tic gets a reunion with his mother while Lettie learns the ins and outs of Hannah’s spell. As their visit to their ancestors closes out they form a magic circle and enact the spell needed to save Dee’s life.

Back in the present. Lettie and Tic awaken to find Dee alive, but one of her arms is not normal. Now Lettie, Tic, Montrose, and Hippolyta set about bringing Hannah’s spell to completion. The first part of which requires them to resurrect Titus Braithwaite from the dead. And that is apparently the easiest part of the spell.


The Acting

The acting in this show remained solid right to the very end. I loved the scene involving the comic book and Hippolyta and Dee. Young Dee is understandably upset about her arm, but Hippolyta reassures her daughter that she will be able to draw again. Aunjanue Ellis and Jada Harris do a fantastic job of selling this scene.

We also get a strong scene between Jurnee Smollett and Wunmi Mosaku as Lettie asks her sister Ruby to get her some bodily fluid from Christina Braithwhite to aid them with the spell. This is a particularly clever plot point in the show as it brings everything full circle.



This was a really enjoyable final episode, which pretty much tied up most of the story threads. As expected we lose a couple of the key characters, which could not really be avoided, but there is likely enough left hanging to give the show a second season or some sort of spin-off.

I really enjoyed the ritualistic imagery of the Freemans working their spells at the beginning of the episode and having Tic and Lettie work with the spirits of their ancestors at the start of the episode was a nice twist.

As with most episodes on this show. The visual effects and incidental music have been really strong. In fact, I’d love to get a hold of a copy of the soundtrack to this show along with all the songs featured. Speaking of songs. There’s a wonderful scene in this finale where Tic, Hippolyta, Montrose, Lettie, Ji-Ah, and Dee are singing ‘Life Could Be a Dream’ as they drive to Ardham to enact Hannah’s spell.

Overall. A really enjoyable season finale.


Lovecraft Country (S1 - Ep 10) Full Circle
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