In Review: Lost In Space

After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fight against all odds to survive and escape, but they're surrounded by hidden dangers.

Synopsis: After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fight against all odds to survive and escape, but they’re surrounded by hidden dangers.

Review: To start this review. I think it is fair to say that I was never a huge fan of the classic Irwin Allen series on which this is based. I enjoyed the work that Bill Mummy and Jonathan Harris did in the classic show but always found it to be too much focused on Will, The Robot, and Doctor Smith. And nothing much was done with the other characters.

Thankfully, this new reimagined version reverses that trend and gives us character arcs for every member of the Robinson Family. We’re introduced to a family that is looking for a fresh start and have joined with a bunch of other families in order to go after that and colonize a new world. But when a strange alien looking robot attacked the colony ship the various families are forced to retreat to the various Jupiter escape ships in order to find safety on a nearby planet.

Much of the story arc for this first season and hopefully the first of many. Sees the Robinson’s helping other colonists on the planet come up with a plan to return to the colony ship and we get to see the Robinson family members undergo a series of adventures and near death experiences as they endeavor to help execute a plan to get the colonists back to the ship.

We get a fair few flashbacks sewn throughout the series, which looks at what the Robinson’s were like before they signed up for the mission and these flashbacks help out a great deal in establishing the various character arcs throughout. For example, John Robinson who is played wonderfully by Toby Stephens was away a lot soldiering and it was putting a strain on his marriage and also robbing him of time with his young son Will. One of the best arcs in this show is the relationship we see grow between John Robinson and Will as a father tries to bond with his son.

Of course, we have Will Robinson and his relationship with the Robot, which is also worked really well. And the alien origins of the Robot and us never knowing if it is going to turn nasty again makes that relationship so much more interesting and also a little heartbreaking at one point in the series where Will has to tell Robot to do something for the good of the colony.

We also see Dr. Smith get an intriguing arc because she is played as so much more dangerous and manipulative than the original. Parker Posey is outstanding in this show and has created a character that fans are going to love to hate as the series progresses. 

I like the fact that all the female characters in this show have actual jobs and are not consigned to the kitchen or to fall in love with the cute hunky alien of the week. Molly Parker is fantastic as the scientist Maureen Robinson. She gets to do science and help save the colonist while balancing it all with her role as mother to her son and two daughters.

Also really well written is Judy Robinson who is played wonderfully by Taylor Russell. Judy is an 18-year-old medical prodigy and a fully qualified doctor and we get to see her character make some mistakes and really grow as the series progresses. She has a lot of fun scenes with Don West who is much more of an anti-hero in this show than he is a buttoned-up hero like he was in the original show.

Also, kudos must go to Maxwell Jenkins who is fantastic as the young Will Robinson and plays a lot of really traumatic and heavy scenes throughout the show. His scenes with Robot are absolutely brilliant, but it is his scenes with Toby Stephens that stir up a mixture of drama and comedy. His scenes with Penny Robinson are fun as well.

Overall. The Netflix take on Lost In Space is fantastic family drama with some nice action beats and a few fun comedy beats. Some reviewers have criticised the slow pacing. I would actually praise the pacing because it allowed us time to learn and care about these characters as they grow on you.

My only disappointment is that am going to have to wait go knows how much time to find out what happens to the Jupiter 2 crew because it ends on a thrilling cliffhanger.

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