In Review: Lost In Space – Season Two

Seven months later, marooned on a watery planet, the Robinsons make a risky bid to power up their Jupiter.

Synopsis: Seven months later, marooned on a watery planet, the Robinsons make a risky bid to power up their Jupiter. Will vows to track down the Robot.

Review: Released over Christmas Eve on Netflix. ‘Lost In Space’ very nearly went unreviewed by us because we were all busy with Christmas. Thankfully. The last few days have allowed me some time to watch the entire second season and let me tell you. It’s a doozy.

The Story

Picking up seven months after the events seen in season one. The Robinson find themselves marooned on a water planet where there isn’t any breathable atmosphere. Happy to survive until Rescued they have rigged up a hydroponics garden to allow them to grow food, but when it becomes damaged due to an act of sabotage from Doctor Smith they are forced to turn their Jupiter into a sailboat in order to try and escape the planet and reconnect with the other Jupiters and the Resolute.

Just when it seems that things are starting to go well the Robinson family who is now back with the Resolute find themselves helping the other colonist mind water from a new planet in order o create fuel for their ships, but the planet’s water has been infected by a mineral, which destroys the metals and alloys, which make up all of the technology that the colonist use. On top of all of that Will is trying to reconnect with Robot, who could be a key element in helping them all fix the problem and save the other colonist. Will the family Robinson and the other colonist ever escape the robot threat and make it to their new home of Alpha Centuri? Or are they fated to bounce from planet to planet forevermore?

The Acting

Much like with season one. Taylor Russell is among the standout performances in her role as the strong-minded Judy Robinson who in this series is the adopted daughter of John and Maureen.  Russell’s role is very much a link up for the older teenage viewers to relate too, but she is also a second mother figure in that she is often left taking care of Will and Penny Robinson when Mum and Dad are elsewhere. Maxwell Jenkins who plays Will Robinson is definitely looking a tad older this series, but that is pretty much explained in the series arc and yet again it is his friendship with the Robot that is key to whether the family succeeds or fails.

Once again Toby Stephens is very good in the role of John Robinson and has some wonderful scenes with all the Robinson children, but it is the character relationship with Judy Robinson that gets a lot of attention in this set of episodes. Especially Episode 5 where we learn how the Robinson family came to adopt Judy.

Parker Posey continues to rock it as Doctor Smith. Whose fate is left rather open-ended toward the close of the season. Posey gets plenty of screen time in this second season and proves to be far more dangerous and manipulative than her original namesake was in the classic 60s show. Adding to the villains of this season is Douglas Hodge as Hastings who tries to ditch the Robinsons at one point due to the fact that they are not conforming to his plans for the Resolute.


This second season throws problem after problem at the Robinson family and there are some instances where you begin to wonder if they will actually make it out alive. There were at least three occasions in the whole season where I thought they’re going to write one of the main cast members out here to be controversial but pulled a complete 180 at the last minute. The most tension-filled moment was in episode 5 where Judy had to near as damn run a marathon to save John Robinson’s life. But along the way gets attacked by some of the planet’s lifeforms, which resembled something quite prehistoric.

I’m not sure how well this series will have done given that it was released over Christmas Eve, but I am hoping that we will get a third season because it all ends on a fantastic cliffhanger that sees Judy, Will, and Penny separated from John, Maureen, and Don. And Doctor Smith has gone mysteriously MIA.

Overall. This series continues to deliver an edgier and more edge of the seat action-adventure format than we ever seen in the original 60s version, which I wasn’t particularly fond of.

Lost In Space - Season Two
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