In Review: Lost In Oz (Amazon Pilot)

Somewhat of an animated sequel to 'The Wizard Of Oz', but set in the present day.

Description: Somewhat of an animated sequel to ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, but set in the present day.

Review: Over the weekend while looking through Amazon Video for something to watch I came across a new batch of pilot episodes for Amazon’s Pilot season. They were all for kids, but ‘Lost In Oz’ stood out to me because as a kid and even now as an adult. I particularly enjoy most things related to ‘The Wizard Of Oz’. So that alone intrigued me enough to want to give this a look.

The pilot episode runs a little over 24 minutes and the animation is pretty solid as our the voice actors involved.

The story sees a young Dorthy Gale. I’m assuming she is a descendent of the original finding Oz thanks to her opening a magic green book. Which has blank magical pages.  This version of Dorothy is somewhat inventive in a MacGyver kind of way, which is something that is pointed out in the opening few minutes when one of her inventions fails to work first time out.

Having activated the book by accident Dorothy finds herself transported to an Oz quiet different to the one that we all know and love. It’s a place where a majority of the magic has been stolen, which pretty much provides Dorothy with her quest for the series should it be picked up.

When in Oz Dorothy quickly makes friends with West. I’m guessing she is a descendent of the Wicked Witch of the West. An assumption that is played upon during one sequence in the opening story.

We meet West thanks to Dorothy’s mother being friends with her mum. Quite how Dorothy’s mum is able to communicate between Kansas and OZ is not revealed, but its safe to assume that her mother visited OZ before her.

Other changes to the mythology of Oz include the Yellow Brick Road being turned into Yellow Brick Lane.

The modern version of Dorothy in this new take on the story is very modern, inventive and full of pluck, but she is pretty much upstaged in Oz for the most part by West who is a slightly less wide eyed, but more cynical character.

The one aspect I didn’t much care for was the flying monkeys. They didn’t really look all that threatening.

It will be interested to see more of this show as it develops. So hopefully Amazon pick this one up.

Lost In Oz (Amazon Pilot)
  • An inventive sequel of sorts to a much loved classic
  • I didn't like the look of the flying monkeys
  • Story
  • Animation
  • Voice Acting

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