In Review: Lord of the Jungle (2022-) #6

Tarzan’s actions of the past come home to roost and a grave wrong must be righted.

Synopsis: In the final issue of Lord of the Jungle,  Tarzan’s actions of the past come home to roost and a grave wrong must be righted. In order to keep a promise many decades in the making, Tarzan will go to great lengths, but it will cost the son of Greystoke dearly!


The Story

Having returned the diamonds to the people that live at the Valley of Mists in the last issue. Tarzan finds himself having to make good on one more debt. To save his friend  Bouanga from rotting away in jail. While events play out in the 1950s. Bouanga continues to tell the story of Tarzan’s final confrontation with Shaw, which is the reason why he took the diamonds from the Valley of Mist in the first place. Upon receiving the precious stones. Shaw goes back on his word and shoots the jungle man and proceeds to order his men to murder the apes. Fortunately, Tarzan is not an easy man to kill as we find out as Bouanga concludes his story.


The Artwork

Throughout all issues, Benito Gallego has done a great job of capturing the look and atmosphere of the Jungle as well as capturing Africa in the 1950s. For this issue, the artist does a great job of capturing the action of Tarzan and the Ape Kerchak as they deal out some jungle justice to Shaw and his men. The character drawing of Kerchak is really distinctive and stands out as being not the ape that you’d want to meet on a dark jungle night.

The final pages where we see Tarzan looking out to sea only to see Jane Porter and her party coming to the shore is a great way to end the story.



Dan Jurgens completes this story in great style. I loved how this writer took a chance by presenting us with an older Tarzan who was returning to Africa to repay and old debt. The device of Bouanga telling the children Tarzan’s story, which we saw in flashbacks was brilliant.

Overall. This was a solid story and a very worthy addition to the legacy of Tarzan. It’s just a shame that Dynamite has to title this comic Lord of the Jungle due to licensing reasons because this was a very worthy Tarzan story that would make for a great movie.

Lord of the Jungle (2022-) #6
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