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London Inferno is Sin City meets Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and it won't put you down until the end.

Synopsis: Two London coppers, John Cope and Mark Hollis, face many dangerous cases together. But Cope is in love with Valerie, Hollis’s wife. One night, Hollis throws a party. John and Valerie manage to be together during the evening, but Cope leaves… and a terrible crime is committed. Betrayal, intrigue, and a violent quest for the truth: London Inferno is Sin City meets Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and it won’t put you down until the end.


The Story

London Inferno is a tale of love, murder, revenge, and justice. When Mark Hollis throws a lads party it ends in the murder of his Valerie. The only trouble is Mark’s partner Detective John Cope was in love with Valerie and is like a dog with a bone when it comes to investigating her murder and getting to the truth.


The Artwork

Artist Roger Mason chose to use a monochromatic black and white style for this book, which really suited the storyline and lent to the atmosphere that the story generates. I particularly enjoyed the art when it came to showing some of the building exteriors like the Pub that our detectives visit in the second chapter of the book. The artwork does give off a vibe that is reminiscent of 90s classics like Sin City and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels as stated in the synopsis, but It also manages to have its own visual identity as well.



Originally released in 2004 as a French comic. Artist Roger Mason does a pretty good job of translating the story into English with a few choice phrases of London Slang to give the book a degree of authenticity and edginess. The story was engaging and it was a real page-turner, which is thanks to the original story by French writer LF Bollée.

Overall. If you are looking for a bit of edgy crime noir that offers up some atmosphere and truly immerses you into the world and story. Then I’d happily recommend that you give ‘London Inferno’ a whirl. It’s 89 pages of gritty crime drama that flys by in the wink of an eye.


London Inferno is out today and can be brought here at Comixology. 

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