In Review: Loki (S1 – Ep5) Journey Into Mystery

"Journey Into Mystery" introduces us to even more Lokis. 'our" Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) are reunited

Synopsis: “Journey Into Mystery” introduces us to even more Lokis. ‘our” Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) are reunited, and must battle through “the void”, So, they’ll need a plan which actually works. Consequently, they’ll need each other . . .


Following last week’s episode, “The Nexus Event”, Loki awakens in the void. Furthermore, he meets many more versions of himself. However, the danger that lurks there is Alioth. The use of a non-human enemy force is smart, as the only motivation for the creation is to feed. Furthermore, it proves nigh impossible to kill. There are certain similarities between Alioth and Dormammu. So, great further use of some of the more powerful beings from the comics, within the MCU. The perfect was chosen creation for this episode.

Towards the end of the episode we saw some wonderful characterization, and further development for the central MCU Loki (Tom Hiddleston). As a result, we underwent some of the same emotions that he did, as we watched him finally confront how lonely he truly is. And, the same was also true of Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), too. So, their new friendship was a vital element to the central plot.


Wonderful acting in Journey Into Mystery”, and a good range of skills used. The bond between our Loki and Sylvie seemed genuine and heartfelt, due to nuanced performances, and well conveyed emotion. Also, fantastic to see Richard E Grant as “Classic Loki”. He brought a great sense of presence to the screen, as ever. Also, he was the perfect choice to play an incarnation of The God of Mischief

CGI & Effects

The place the story took place in looked desolate and exactly how it needed to look. The illusions¬† “Classic Loki” (Richard E Grant) performed also impressed, and seeing Alioth go through them equally impressed, too. More clever work from the effects team.


“Journey Into Mystery” did what it set out to. It teased that we’re almost going to be given the all important information we’ve been craving. But not yet . . . Loki has been a little slow, arguably. Certainly, in comparison to Wandavsion and Falcon and Winter Soldier. However, what the show’s done well is to keep you guessing. You care enough about the central character, which is crucial. Now, we’re all set for the finale of season one. So, we should finally get to see who is behind all of this. A big final week beckons then . . .



Loki is available now, on Disney Plus, with new episodes on Wednesdays. Next week (14.07.2021) is the final episode of Season One. 

In Review: Loki (S1 - Ep5) Journey Into Mystery
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