In Review: Loki (S1 – EP2) The Variant

Mobius puts Loki to work

Synopsis: In ‘The Variant’. Mobius puts Loki to work, but not everyone at the TVA is thrilled about the God of Mischief’s presence.


The Story

When the Variant Loki strikes at a historical re-enactment event in 1985 and abducts one of the TVA agents. Mobius puts Loki straight to work on figuring out how the other Loki is able to hide from them. However, other members of the TVA are not over enthused about working with Loki. Indeed he is rather mischievous and somewhat of a thorn in the side for Hunter B-15. However, the trickster god soon proves his worth when he figures out that his Variant is using apocalypse events to hide in, which is why the TVA has been having so much trouble with their hunt. Armed with this new information. Mobius goes to Ravonna Renslayer to get a mission approved. A mission that will bring Loki face to face with his/her other-self.


The Acting

After having established the relationship between Loki and Mobius in last week’s episode. Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson have a lot more room to play around with their characters and this week take full advantage. The ongoing dialogue between the two characters ranges from witty to rather philosophical. I particularly enjoyed the conversation that they both had about their own existence and what they believed. Mobius believing that he and his entire race were created by three lizards that created the TVA. While Loki was born from a Frost Giant and raised by the Norse God Odin.

There is a wonderful exchange in which Mobius calls Loki a scared little boy, which triggers a fun response later on in which Loki says that the one secret that most adults know, which children do not is that no one is truly good or truly bad.

A great performance by both actors.



A great second episode, which builds brilliantly on what we saw set up in last week’s show. The characters of Loki and Mobius are front and centre throughout most of the episode as the two put their heads together to figure things out.

Overall. I really enjoyed this episode. The introduction of Sophia Di Martino as the Variant is beautifully done and works wonderfully well with the cliffhanger to keep us guessing until next week’s installment.

Loki (S1 - EP2) The Variant
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