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For the final movie chapter of Wolverines story the director was looking for a soundtrack that matched the darker and more thoughtful tone of the film.

Review: For the final movie chapter of Wolverines story the director was looking for a soundtrack that matched the darker and more thoughtful tone of the film.  Marco Beltrami proved to be a solid choice and started the story of the older Wolverine with some brilliantly emotive piano music, which is both calming but has a quality of someone who has lived for a long time. Too long.

The films music does not stay as sedate as the opening theme, but the opening theme is threaded nicely throughout the soundtrack.

The soundtrack has a sort of intense western feel to it. And the intensity does not let up throughout. I particularly enjoyed how the string section felt very small and tight. Elements of this soundtrack felt quite experimental and very original. I particularly enjoyed the use of the Glass Armonica instead of high pitched woodwinds.

As a fan of the more organic sounding instruments. I really enjoyed the use of Piano for the main soundtrack during the quieter more thoughtful moments.

When making the soundtrack Beltrami got director James Mangold to name a few soundtracks from  movies that he liked. Among them were the soundtracks to Taxi Driver, Paper Moon and The Gauntlet. Apparently Mangold liked the rough edges and intimacy that those soundtracks had and wanted something original for Logan that could channel the same sort of feel.

Beltrami very much succeeds with that brief. Using the piano for the more intimate moments and everything else for the darker more action orientated scenes.

As for the standout tracks on this. It’s really hard to choose one because this is a soundtrack that you have to listen to in full in order to get it.

I loved how it could be intimate and emotive one moment and then turn on a dime and be completely feral. An example of this is how track number 11. ‘Goodnight Moon’ which has a haunting tormented quality suddenly kicks into track 12. ‘Farm Aid’, which has a really frightening sinister feel to it and a lot of edge.

The syncing of the entire collection is flawless. You don’t notice the joins. Each track seamlessly seems to melt into the other.

The Audio CD of Logan is currently available for Pre Order on Amazon and priced at £21.99.

The Digital version is available now at a reasonable £7.99

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