In Review: Lock & Key – Season One (Netflix)

Overall. A great watch.

Synopsis: Three siblings who move into their ancestral estate after their father’s murder discover their new home’s magical keys, which must be used in their stand against an evil creature who wants the keys and their powers.

Review: As many people in the know will tell you. ‘Locke & Key’ is a comic book project from Joe Hill, which has been in the works for years with various different companies. So the mere fact that Netflix has managed to get this to the screen is kind of a miracle. The series blends magic with horror and teenage drama and manages to go to some pretty cool places.

The Stories

Over the course of 10 episodes, we are given some interesting and decent stories as the three siblings work together to prevent The Well Lady from getting hold of the keys.

The story begins with the Locks moving into Key House after the tragic death of their father who was killed by a teenager who wanted to know the secrets of Key House. For the first episodes, we see the three kids deal with their personal grief in their own ways as they begin to make use of the keys. It is the youngest Bodie who initially discovers the keys and finds that they can call out to him. But in the process of learning this. He accidentally releases The Well Lady from her prison by gifting her the gold key when she tricks him out of it.

The three siblings are all very different. The youngest one Bode is full of imagination and a zest for life and adventure. The second oldest Kinsey is full of fear and doubt and tends to be rather passive-aggressive, but later in the show when she makes use of the head key she manages to make a few changes, which make her a braver person. The oldest Tyler is a ball of anger and rage, but much like his sister, he changes over the course of the series.

The first few episodes deal with the family settling in at Key House and making friends. It isn’t really until episodes three and four that things start to pick up and we begin to start getting to know the characters. I particularly enjoyed episode Three, which is titled ‘Head Games’. This episode sees Bode finding the Head Key, which lets you unlock your own head so you can wander around in your own thoughts and memories. In Bode’s case, his mind manifests as a big travel chest which when he climbs inside becomes a massive amusement arcade. Kinsey’s mind is depicted as a huge shopping mall, which seems to have multiple levels and is perfectly organized and categorized. It’s this episode, which sees Kinsey and her brother begin to realize the power of the keys. By the end of episode four, they learn that Bode was very serious about The Well Lady as she makes an attempt on their mother’s life by setting the oven on fire and threatens bode.

The Acting

The acting throughout his series is pretty damn good, but the stand out throughout the whole series is Laysla De Oliveira who plays Dodge who Bode refers to as The Well Lady. There’s a scene in episode three where she is looking to get a key off one of the local children and shows us her true colors as in how far she is willing to go. Laysla De Oliveira plays this role so well. She has the right mix of seduction and coldness for the role. There is also a very cool and clever twist that involves her character that we learn about toward the latter part of the series. But its rather frightening how this character manages to entice people to give her what she wants and then throws them under the bus, and by that, I mean literally.

The three actors playing the leads were all well-chosen and all of them are relatable. But it is Jackson Robert Scott who plays Bode that has the job of being our window into the world of Locke & Key, and he does a fantastic job of it.


This is a really enjoyable series, which is a great blend of magic, fantasy, horror and teen drama. The various visual effects are really well done to a point where some of them can look rather creepy. For example when they use the head key. We see them step out of their bodies. I loved the sequence where Bode discovers the key that allows him to become a ghost. When I watched that sequence I thought, “Wow, I got to get me one of those keys.”.

Overall. Another great show from Netflix.


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