In Review: Librarians #3

Flynn, Baird, Ezekiel, and Stone tour pretty much most mythical places on earth while trying to figure out what Sol Schick is up too.

Synopsis: Hot on the trail of the sudden abduction of cult film director Sol Schick by his suddenly powerful assistant Orson Orville, the Librarians uncover the shocking secret behind the mystery they’ve been trying to uncover: In an alternate timeline where magic is used as a global weapon, a group of all-powerful wizards has set their eyes on our Earth — and the invasion is about to begin.

Review: Flynn, Baird, Ezekiel, and Stone tour pretty much most mythical places on earth while trying to figure out what Sol Schick is up too. Meanwhile, Schick who has revealed himself as a power magician has abducted Cassander and Orson in order to show them and talk about the grand plan that he and his people have for Earth.

This third issue of the Librarians comic blows the story wide open as we learn that Schick is from an alternate timeline where magic was never driven underground by advances in science and the industrial revolution.

There are some great moments in this issue but have to say that I found Schick’s explanation to be very wordy as he tangentially revealed his nefarious plans to Cassandra and Orville.

Elsewhere Flynn and the rest of the team travel to various locations in order to try and uncover Schick’s plans and it seems that many of the clues are staring them squarely in the face.

Writer Will Pfeifer has obviously been watching a lot of Librarians because his character beats virtually match up perfectly with the kind of beats you see on a regular basis in the series. As does his idea of the villain and an alternate earth.  Having Schick come from an alternate earth was a nice touch. A touch made even better by the fact that its an earth where magic is more normal.

The art by Rodney Buchemi is pretty solid. He doesn’t get the likenesses of the character from the show quite as on the button as some fans might want, but he does a pretty nice interpretation. I particularly enjoyed his work for the various panels set on Easter Island and Loch Ness.

Overall. A great issue. I can’t wait for issue 4 and I hope that we’ll continue to get new comic book adventures for The Librarians in the months to come.

Librarians #3
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