In Review: Librarians #2

The librarians investigate the truth behind the death of a Hollywood filmmaker.

Synopsis: As the Librarians burst into the penthouse apartment of murdered movie maker Solomon Schick, they discover the startling secret behind his violent “death.” What’s more, they discover the truth behind “Quarry: Bigfoot,” “Heavenly Visitors from the Hell Above” and other Schick Classics might be more complex than they ever suspected.

Review: Will Pfeifer continues his trip to the world of The Librarians and provides a fun story involving B-Movies. Picking up the action from where the last issue left off. The team are out to save Ezekiel from whatever lurks in the hotel room but are surprised to find all is well and a certain director is not as dead as he’d appeared to be.

Schick proceeds to talk Flynn and his team through the series of events that led up to his faked death and talks about his partner Orville and how all the movies they made together had some basis in truth.

Of course, Baird is skeptical while Flynn is a little unsure of whether Schick is telling the truth or spinning them a bit lie.

By the close of the issue, we find Schick is little more than a front for whatever Orville wants to put out there. Quite where this story is going is anyones guess but the characters of Orville and Soloman Schick are a lot of fun in spite of the fact that Schick is very obviously being used to relate a ton load of expositional information.

The artwork by Rodney Buchemi is pretty solid. While he hasn’t quite got the likeness of the actors right from the TV show. They are close enough so as not to ruin any enjoyment you’ll get from reading the comic. Afterall this is the only way to get new Librarians stories until the show returns for its fourth season on December 13.

Overall. While this issue was heavy on expositional information. It was done in a fun and entertaining way.

Librarians #2
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