This second half of the season gives us some slightly stronger stories and continued character evolution for Harry Wilson

Synopsis: The Hitter, the Hacker, the Grifter, and the Thief return for part two of their first season of Leverage: Redemption. And new team member Harry’s past continues to present new revelations to the team.


The Stories

This second half of the season gives us some slightly stronger stories and continued character evolution for Harry Wilson. Who has a lot to atone for and hacker Breana who proves to be as effective a hacker as her mentor Alec Hardison.


Leverage Boldly Goes…

The season kicks off with an early Christmas present for Star Trek: The Next Generation fans. As we get treated to what feels like a rare guest-starring role for LeVar Burton who plays a librarian, which is appropriate given Burton’s Reading Rainbow series. In ‘The Bucket Job’ the Leverage team is tasked with helping Librarian Mr. Blanche have the spy adventure of a lifetime. Only things get deadly when it turns out that Blanche is a real spy. And the team has accidentally blown his cover. Obviously, the team now has to protect Blanche and help him resume his quiet librarian life in order to keep the sinister  R.I.Z. from getting to him.


Wellness, Trains & Hurricanes

‘The Bucket Job’ gets followed up with seven other great stories, which test newcomers Harry and Breana. As the team takes down a corrupt wellness guru, shuts down a green energy entrepreneur who is polluting farmland and has Nazi sympathies. As well as stopping a group of crooked cops from stealing a lottery winner’s ticket under the cover of a hurricane. Indeed there is no end to the type of people that the team takes down. And Harry gets truly tested as his family is drawn into things in ‘The Muddy Waters Job’. Harry’s familial connection in this episode stems from the fact that the guy they are going after is married to his Ex-wife. This episode ends with a shocking twist that builds nicely into ‘The Harry Wilson Job’, which closes out this first series.


The Acting



Noah Wyle gets a lot to do in building his new character of Harry Wilson. I loved the scene between Harry and Elliot where he asks if he thought he’d stay on the team as long as he has. Of course, Elliot is somewhat diplomatic in his answer, but hints that Harry hasn’t really been tested as yet.

Likewise, Aleyse Shannon also gets lots of opportunities to build Breanna’s character and gets some nice moments in ‘The Great Train Job’. 

However, I think it has been very much Gina Bellman, Beth Riesgraf and Christian Kane as the original three Leverage characters that have held this show together so well. Bellman’s portrayal of Sophie has proved to be the perfect mentor figure for both Harry and Breanna. While Kane’s role of Elliot Spenser has also proved to be a good straight man to Breana and Parker’s antics. Additionally, I loved Kane’s scenes with LeVar Burton in the opening episode of this run. I also enjoyed that Elliot now has a love interest on the show.


The second half of this series proves to be its strongest half. As new characters of Harry and Breana get given more nuance and development as the actors and we the audience get to learn more about them. Although I think Harry’s character gets a lot more in this second half. This is fair given that Breana’s character had stronger episodes in the first part of the season.

Overall. Leverage: Redemption proves to be just as entertaining as the original incarnation of the show and I hope we get a second season. As I really love these characters.

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    11 October 2021 at 6:26 pm - Reply

    Amen. We need this show.

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