In Review: Leverage Redemption (S2 – EP9) The Pyramid Job

Prompted by and old friend of Sophie's, the team takes on a husband-wife couple who run a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme

Synopsis: Prompted by and old friend of Sophie’s, the team takes on a husband-wife couple who run a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme that preys on young mothers, emotionally and financially.


The Story

When Sophie is approached by a member of her old Crew. She finds herself and the team being enlisted to help Billy the Gent’s daughter who has fallen victim to a Pyramid scheme that preys on young single mothers. Sophie with help from the team goes undercover as one of the scheme’s top sellers in order to find a way to bring Richard Prosper and Debra Prosper down and recoup all the money for the young mothers. However, it seems that there is more to this than meets the eye. Especially given that the job has come from Billy The Gent. It seems that Sophie’s past is catching up with her as her old team is looking to bring her back into the fold. 


The Acting

Christopher Gorham and Virginia Williams make for a pair of fun villains as Richard and Debra Prosper whose baby clothes pyramid scheme has a lot of young women fooled. They had a really strong introductory scene where they are looking to persuade one of their new sellers Miranda (Taina Dominguez) to stick with the scheme. They even sink so low as to call her a quitter. 

However, this episode belongs to Gina Bellman’s Sophie who seems to have almost met her match in Debra Prosper. The scenes where Debra is trying to get some truth from Sophie is brilliantly done and see Sophie having to dig much deeper than usual to pull the wool over Debra’s eyes.

Christian Kane gets a little action at the start of the episode as we see Elliot pull off some impressive moves, but his character is very much more playing the role of a detective this week to find out what Sophie’s old associate is really up to. This means that Noah Wyle gets a little more to do as Harry who has to befriend Richard Prosper and help pull off the Bromance scam in order to help the team get access to the Pyramid schemes computers. This involves a fun fight scene between Harry and Richard as they play at being Viking warriors.



The Pyramid Job made for a fun episode, which not only dug a little into Sophie’s past. But also potentially introduced a new element of mystery to her character via her former colleague Billy The Gent. The episode winds up being left somewhat open for the introduction of Sophie’s old crew. So it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the weeks ahead.
Leverage Redemption (S2 - EP9) The Pyramid Job
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