In Review: Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales

Poe and BB8 search for help in Darth Vader's creepy old castle. 

Synopsis: In Terrifying Tales. When they crash land on Mustafar. Poe and BB8 search for help in Darth Vader’s creepy old castle.


The Story

When Poe Dameron and BB8 crashland on Mustafar they look for some help to repair their X-Wing Fighter. In their search, they happen upon Darth Vader’s old castle, which is being turned into a hotel by Graballa The Hutt. Pretty soon they are under the thrall of Darth Vader’s former assistant Vanee who tells them stories from the dark side. Little are they are that Vanee is manipulating them so that mechanical genius Dean will repair old Sith relics.


Voice Acting

Much as with the Lego Star Wars Christmas film from last year. This Halloween-themed movie has some great voice acting in it. Tony Hale is brilliant as Vanee who turns out to be a fairly compelling villain. While Jake Green and Dana Snyder really get some show-stealing moments as Poe Dameron and Graballa The Hutt.

Topping it off is a solid performance from Christian Slater who does the voice of Ren.



Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales is brilliant fun and delivers a comedic take on some of the classic star wars characters and mythologies. Over the course of the film, Vanee’ tells three stories. The first focuses on how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren. The second story looks at what happened to both Darth Maul and General Grievous when they both competed to retrieve a legendary lightsaber for the emperor. While the third looked at what might have happened had Luke Skywalker left to join the Empire instead of the rebellion.

In short. The movie has loads of fun with established Star Wars Mythology and turns it all completely on its head. Out of the three terrifying tales we get. I liked the one about Luke Skywalkers journey to the dark side the most because the twist at the end was quite funny.

Overall. Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales delivers a fun 45 minutes for both young and old Star Wars fans.

Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales
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