In Review: Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

Rey journeys with BB-8 on a quest to gain a deeper knowledge of the force. At a mysterious Jedi Temple.

Synopsis: As her friends prep for a Life Day holiday celebration, Rey journeys with BB-8 on a quest to gain a deeper knowledge of the force. At a mysterious Jedi Temple.


The Story

Having had a few setbacks while trying to teach Finn about the force. Rey has become somewhat frustrated and is not in a holiday spirit. Furthermore, Rey has chosen to go off on a quest while all her friends celebrate Life Day.

Rey along with BB-8 journey to a mysterious Jedi temple. There they find a mysterious crystal that has the power to transport them through time and space. Rey declares it the Best life day ever. As she and BB-8 hit various landmark events dotted throughout the Star Wars Universe. It seems that Rey has finally found her holiday mojo but like all good things. This soon comes to an end.

In her travels. Rey finds herself at the point in time where The Emperor sends Vader after Luke on Endor. Unfortunately, The Emperor and Vader are able to hear Rey and thus a battle begins to save Life Day and keep the Crystal out of the Emperor’s hands.


Voice Acting

As often happens with Star Wars animations. We find that different actors fill in for the live-action stars and Disney really did well to find Helen Sadler who did a brilliant job of Voicing Rey. Her voice work was so good that I was fooled into thinking it was Daisy Ridley. We do get a few performances from live-action cast in the form of Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, and Kelly Marie Tran. All three reprise Lando, C3PO, and Rose Tico respectively.

Much of the heavy lifting is done by Sadler as Rey as she takes on Trevor Devall’s Palpatine and Matt Sloan’s Darth Vader as they battle through time and space.



Lego Star Wars Holiday Special has something for everyone. I absolutely loved the sequence right at the start where Rey sees Yoda training Luke on Degobah. But the most fun is had when we see Vader verses, Vader, on the ice planet of Hoth.

As a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy. I really loved the reference to Han shooting first when the older and younger versions of Han bump into Greedo and ask who should shoot first.

Overall. This is a fun 45 minutes of madness and mayhem done in the Lego Star Wars style. It’s a real love letter to fans of every iteration of the Star Wars saga. We even get a brief encounter with The Mandalorian and The Child, which is one of many funny sequences that the film has to offer.

While Rey is battling through time. Poe Dameron and Finn are hosting the Life Day celebrations while trying to keep Chewbacca’s relatives from eating the porg’s. Pretty much all the jokes land well.

Lego Star Wars Holiday Special
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