In Review: Legion of Super-Heroes

Kara, devastated by the loss of Krypton, struggles to adjust to her new life on Earth

Synopsis: Kara, devastated by the loss of Krypton, struggles to adjust to her new life on Earth. Out of concern for his cousin. Superman suggests Kara enlist in the Legion of Super-Heros.


The Story

Struggling to adapt to life on 21st Century Earth. Supergirl is failing as a member of the Justice League and Batman is concerned that she could well be a danger to herself and the rest of the team. Out of concern for his cousin. Superman transports Kara aka Supergirl to the 31st Century and encourages her to enroll to become a member of The Legion of Super-Heroes. However, it isn’t long before Kara finds herself in trouble when she has a run-in with Brainiac 5 who has enrolled in the academy to try and foil a plot by the mysterious Dark Circle. When she realizes that Brainiac 5 is not the villain. Supergirl teams with him in an attempt to expose the Dark Circle and bring them down.


Voice Acting

Meg Donnelly puts in a confident performance as Supergirl and demonstrates a decent range of emotions throughout the film’s run time. I particularly enjoyed the scenes where we see Supergirl with her mother at the start of the film where we get a quick look at Supergirl’s origin. Harry Shum Jr. is very strong as Brainiac 5. His initial scenes where he is fighting Supergirl are a ton of fun. But it isn’t really until Brainiac 5 finds out who is behind the Dark Circle that we see just how nuanced Shum’s performance is.



Legion of Super-Heroes is the first of a few animated DC projects to be coming out this year and was somewhat of a surprise package for me because I didn’t really have massive expectations for this film. However, it tells a fairly simple straightforward story and is helped by some really strong vocal performances and really strong animation. I particularly enjoyed the opening where we see Supergirl’s home gets destroyed as the animation for this is gorgeous.

The film also benefits from a great soundtrack from the composer Kevin Riepl who produces some super music that gets you in the mood.

Overall Legion off Super-Heroes is a pretty solid offering and well worth a look.

Legion of Super-Heroes
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