In Review: Legion – Chapter One

While in a psychiatric hospital David Haller considers if the voices in his head are real or just imagined.

Synopsis: While in a psychiatric hospital David Haller considers if the voices in his head are real or just imagined.

Review: This week saw the premier episode of the new Marvel series ‘Legion’ and right off the bat. It makes some of the stuff Netflix has been doing with their shows look rather normal.

The story focuses on David Haller (Dan Stevens) who is an officially diagnosed schizophrenic. But it seems that his mental health condition could be much more than that.

This first episode is a roller coaster ride blink and you’ll miss it assault on the senses.

As David unlocks his memory box it seems that time, fashion and styles are totally irrelevant.

The first episode just builds and builds the tension as you try and figure out whats happening via the various flash backs we are being fed through Davids mind.

Think ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’ crossed with ‘X-Men’ and ‘Stranger Things’ and you may just be able to get a sense of the feel of the first episode.

The episode has a cinematic feel to it and I felt extremely uncomfortable and closed in during most of the scenes that took place in the hospital, which is most of the episode.

Dan Stevens puts in an awesome performance as the Anti Hero and a fantastic mix of staccato jazz music and a handful of tunes from the 70’s provide some audio context to the flash back scenes that David is experiencing.

This plays out more as psycho drama than it does superhero series, but by the close there is reason revealed behind the madness.

This first episode leaves us with more questions than answers.

The big one being is David reliable enough to be telling us his story.

Everything that happens in this episode is weirdly out of context and quite jarring as one memory seems to melt into another.

It is clear though. That there our people out there who are afraid of David and what his potential is.

This is quite compelling television, but you’ll have to really concentrate to view this series. Its not as easy plot wise as things like ‘Agents Of Shield’. This is a comic book show for the grown ups.

Legion - Chapter One
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