In Review: Legends Of Tomorrow – The Virgin Gary

Legends, Magic , and Hippies oh my!

Synopsis: After the Legends defeated Mallus and wiped the final anachronism from time they find themselves in unfamiliar territory with the Time Bureau. All that changes when Constantine informs Sara of a new magical threat that leads the team to Woodstock.

Review: The team are back and still managing to save the world one screw up at a time. But this year things take on a bit more of a supernatural vibe as John Constantine joins the team.

The Story

Five months have passed since the team defeated Mallus and despite Constantine’s warnings about the fact that many more monsters have been unleashed. Having stopped the final time anomaly from happening. The team starts to grow complacent. But their holiday is soon broken up when they hear about the massacre of Woodstock.

There are fun character beats, which lead up to the reveal. We see Sara Lance getting a lot more comfortable about her relationship with Ava and we also see Nate trying to keep Mick Rory out of trouble by dropping in on his parents.

The eventual reveal of it being a Unicorn that has been wiping out the hippies at Woodstock is both unexpected and hilarious. And the method, which the team employs to send it back to hell involved various icons of the 1960’s.

I loved how they included Gary as a key player in this plot.

It was also great to see Constantine in action again.

The Acting

The kudos this week go to Matt Ryan as Constantine who has been perfectly cast as the master of dark magic. Hopefully, he will get a lot to do in the months ahead.

Tala Ashe also puts on a strong performance as Zari. The scene in the part when she is talking to Nate about her late mother and how America betrayed her will likely ring true with a lot of people, and though it did come off a little direct, it was played out pretty well. There’s isn’t any room for allegory anymore when it comes to racial discrimination. This shit has to be called out and floodlit.


Some great work in this episode. I mean they produced a unicorn, which turned into a monster. I loved the final scenes in which Constantine uses his magic to send the beastie back to hell. It probably hoofed it all the way home for a fry up with Gary’s nipple.


This does what Legends do best. It gives us the more silly side of the superhero genre and makes us laugh and smile, which is a rare thing for these shows given how soapy the other CW shows can be and how Dark and edgy certain other shows are.

Legends Of Tomorrow - The Virgin Gary
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