In Review: Legends Of Tomorrow – The Legion Of Doom

The Legends must find the Spear of Destiny before they can rescue Rip

Synopsis: The Legends must find the Spear of Destiny before they can rescue Rip, while Malcolm and Damien realize that Thawne is pitting them against each other.

Review: This latest episode of ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ serves up what could potentially work as another spin-off series if The CW were brave enough to go for it.

Much of the episode focuses on the villains, which explains the title. And Malcome Merlyn and Damien Darhk working together in order to try and teach Thawn a lesson is brilliant fun to watch. Especially given that they both have very different methods. Darhk preferring the direct approach whereas Merlyn prefers subtlety.

While searching for the Spear Of Destiny. Stein enlists the help of his daughter from 2017 in order to help the team crack open the part of the Spear that they do possess. This of course causes a few problems with his fellow crew mates. Given the very nature of his daughters existence to begin with.

Matt LetscherNeal McDonough and John Barrowman really bring their A game to this episode and by the close they seem to have established themselves to be somewhat of a team to be reckoned with. And even managed to reprogram Rip Hunters brain in the process. 

The thing this episode lacked was a time period setting, but that said by doing what they did here. The writers have allowed us to have a little more insight into the ‘Legion Of Doom’.

It’s also great to have Arthur Darvill back as Rip Hunter and I look forward to him being reunited with the team as this shows arc plays out to its inevitable conclusion. 

Legends Of Tomorrow - The Legion Of Doom
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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    2 February 2017 at 5:30 pm -

    I really wish they would do a Legion of Doom spin-off. They probably couldn’t have a long run, but it would make a brilliant limited series.

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