In Review: Legends Of Tomorrow – Moonshot

The legends travel back to 1970 in a bid to recover the final shard of the spear of destiny from the moon.

Synopsis: The legends travel back to 1970 in a bid to recover the final shard of the spear of destiny from the moon.

Review: Legends Of Tomorrow continues in its mission of embracing the absurdities of comic books with this fun adventure, which sees the team intervening in the Apollo 13 mission to the moon. A mission, which in our history failed due to technical malfunction, but in Legends it kind of succeeds to a point.

The mission requires them to reconnect with former JSA member Commander Steel aka Henry Heywood who is Nate’s grandfather.

Amid the action there is time for some bonding moments between Henry and Nate and also some animosity between Henry and Rip.

On Earth Stein, Mick and Jax have to hide in plain sight as members of NASA mission control and in one moment to create a diversion Stein and Mick break into song to buy Jax time to flip a few switches. It’s perhaps the stand out fun moment of the episode, but have to say. There attempts at British accents were a little dubious.

In space Sara Lance leads the crew, which leaves Rip somewhat redundant. It be interesting to see how he adapts in future episodes given that he is still finding his feet.

Ray Palmer aka Atom gets to totally geek out over flying the Lunar Module and landing on the moon. The moment is played out as totally cheesy as we see Ray in his Atom suit step onto the lunar surface with the cheesy grin to end all cheesy grin’s.

But the most fun was the interesting back and forth in which Ray has to strike an uneasy alliance with reverse flash aka¬†Eobard Thawne. Given that the Lunar Module is out of fuel. The two scientist have to work together in order to make the alternative fuel source from Palmer’s Atom suit work with the Module without blowing them all up.

Overall this episode was a hell of a lot of fun. Irrespective of any shaky science or broken rules with regards to time travel. The show continues to happily celebrate the more crazy elements of comic books and do so unashamedly.

Legends Of Tomorrow - Moonshot
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