In Review: Legends of Tomorrow – Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five

Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same.

Synopsis: Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same.

Review: Our heroes return to Earth to find they are all on the same one, but the crisis is not over.

The Story

Having reboot the Multiverse Oliver Queen is dead, but his legacy will live on.

Returned to Earth Supergirl finds herself confused and somewhat angry by the revelation that Lex Luther is now a good guy. But that isn’t the only thing that has changed. Only the Paragons have any memories about what happened. So it is down to J’onn J’onz to get everyone else up to speed by giving them a crash course in what happened. Sara is looking for Oliver under the impression that he may have made it out somehow, but sadly she is mistaken.

Things seem to be moving along quite smooth until Central City is attacked by Bebo, but it is soon to revealed to be a trick, which the Legends with some help from Flash and Superman put an end too. But the trouble is not over as Nash Wells figures out that the Anti Monitor somehow escaped and is coming after the Paragons, which means it is down to some fast science to at the very least contain The Anti Monitor.

The Acting

Caity Lotz puts in a brilliant performance as the White Canary who is most affected by the loss of Oliver other than Barry. The look of utter grief on her face when she finds the Arrows lair is only occupied by Diggle, Remi and Dinah says it all.

We get a fun cameo from legendary comics creator Marv Wolfman who gets to see things from a fan’s point of view as he seeks autographs for his collection.


Beware of Bebo Attacks

The tone of this episode was a tad light-hearted when compared to the previous four installments, but that light-hearted element is why ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is so well-liked by its fan base.

All that said. We still get the impact of what has happened with regards to the Multiverse getting a reboot and it was quite funny seeing some of the team totally geek out about the fact that they no longer have to travel to parallel worlds in order to work together, which is something that cleverly bookends the episode.

We also learn that the Earth that all our heroes have ended up on is Earth-Prime. As we get given a tour of the new Multiverse at the close of the episode where we glimpse brief cameos from ‘The Titans’, ‘The Doom Patrol’, ‘Stargirl’, and Brandon Routh’s ‘Superman.’ So we can all rest well in the knowledge that at least some versions of Earth have their protectors.

Overall. A pretty good ending, which leaves the door wide open for future crossovers, but I doubt they will do anything that can top this.

Legends of Tomorrow - Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five
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