In Review: Legends Of Tomorrow – Camelot/3000

The team continue their search for the Spear of Destiny. Their first stop being the year 3000 and then a journey back to the legendary court of King Arthur and Camelot.

Synopsis: The team continue their search for the Spear of Destiny. Their first stop being the year 3000 and then a journey back to the legendary court of King Arthur and Camelot.

Review: The fun and games continue as the Legends try to beat the Legion of Doom to another piece of the spear of destiny.  Their first stop is the year 3000 where they find the corpse of  one of Vixen’s JSA friends. This then sees the team following Damien Darhk and Rip Hunter back to Camelot.

The court of Camelot that the team finds is a little different to what we are used to. For one merlin is none other than Star Girl from the JSA and she is the protector of one of the shards that the team are looking for.

Turns out Damien Darhk and Rip Hunter have a cunning plan, which involves using a device to control the minds of King Arthur and his knights in order to try and take the shard by force.

The episode makes for a lot of fun moments. And I loved the fun reference to Sara Lance aka Sara Lancelot at the end when she steals a heroic kiss from the good knight Guinevere.

Other fun moments include Ray Palmer becoming an official knight of Camelot and taking the part a little to seriously as he tries to take out Darhk.

By close of the episode all is well and the team now have Rip Hunter in custody, but unbeknown to them. He happens to have control over Gideon and the ship, which is not a good situation given that he is still not in his right mind.

If I have one small issue with this story. Its the fact that so little time was spent in the year 3000. Especially with the year 3000 being such a prominent part of the episodes title.

For me. ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ continues to be the best of the CW superhero shows because of its willingness to embrace the absurdity of comic books. Which is something that ‘Arrow’ continues to struggle with.

Legends Of Tomorrow - Camelot/3000
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