In Review: Legends Of Tomorrow – Abominations

The Legends find themselves fighting for survival against Confederate zombies in the Civil War.

Synopsis: The Legends find themselves fighting for survival against Confederate zombies in the Civil War.

Review: The team finds themselves having to slay a horde of Confederate zombies in order to allow history to resume its natural course.  However the task is not as straightforward as it would seem due to the fact that they need to convince General Ulysses S. Grant.

Added to this is the fact that Mick Rory becomes infected, which leaves Stein who is frightened of Zombies and Ray to find a cure to the Abomination virus.

Meanwhile in order to make sure that history follows its correct path Jax and Vixen take on a mission to steal Confederate plans from a despicable human being in order to deliver them to Grant. While on this mission Jax is touched by the level of pride and dignity that the slaves managed to retain in spit of the insurmountable brutality they they faced on a daily basis.

This was an episode that had its fun element in the form of zombies and a darker more history element in which we get to examine the issues of slavery.

I enjoyed the civil war setting of this episode and I felt it was a great episode for Jax in regards to character growth, but I have to confess. I’m not a fan of zombies. Though thankfully am not afraid of them like Stein. I just don’t see the point of them.

I think I’d have rather this have been an episode, which used a different gimmick to Zombies, which are kind of overused right now as a result of the popularity of ‘The Walking Dead’, which am also not a fan of.

In terms of acting performances. It was a pretty good episode all round and I did enjoy John Churchill’s performance as General Grant. But overall. For me. This wasn’t the strongest episode that I’ve seen. 

Legends Of Tomorrow - Abominations
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