In Review: Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens #5

The Hexencorps trap has been sprung on Sofia Baltimore and her party.
Witch Queens

Synopsis: In this final issue of The Witch Queens. The Hexencorps trap has been sprung on Sofia Baltimore and her party. But as they try to make their desperate escape from a remote village, they may have more in their favor than any of them realized!


The Story

Lady Baltimore and her gang have uncovered Rigo for the traitor that he is.  Sofia reveals to Rigo how she and the gang have been a couple of steps ahead of him the entire time and explains how she has evened the odds so that the second world war can go ahead without interference from The Hexencorps.


The Artwork

Bridgit Connell finishes off her art duties in this final issue with flair and style. I love the image of Lady Baltimore finishing off the Witch Queen with her old pistols. But even more effective was the imagery of Sofia Baltimore’s late husband appearing before her at the close of the issue. In short, we are left with the knowledge that this may not be the last we see of Lady Baltimore. As to whether or not Connell will return to draw her remains to be seen. But I hope she does.



Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola do a fantastic job of wrapping the story up in Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens #5. I loved the dialogue between Sofia and Rigo as she explains how she had him figured out. I loved how she adds insult to injury by walking him through how she anticipated the Hexencorps plans.

I also loved the fact that the Golem is referred to by name and fast becomes a character in his own right. Indeed, it would have been oh so easy for the writers to just have him as a witch killing machine.

Overall this final issue brilliantly wraps the story up and pays off many of the plot threads from previous issues. Additionally, we also get a little hope that we could see further adventures in the future. I hope we do as these are some kick-ass characters.

Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens #5
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